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Exif_JPEG_422Viana Public Library is located in the building occupied by the 26th Francisco Navarro Villoslada Street

The library building was also the birthplace of two writers of Viana, Francisco Navarro Villoslada (1818-1895) and Pablo Antoñana Chasco (1927-2009), and was built in the XVIth century. Renaissance style, consists of a lower body in stone, then two upper masonry and finally an attic.

After years of neglect, the municipality of Viana decided to reclaim the building, respecting the facade but emptying it inside, and since 2005 is the place where the Viana Public Library is located, occupying floors 1 (borrow area, living reading and children’s room), 2nd (study hall) and 3rd (a closed tank). The building also has a conference and projection room, for communal use (www.viana.es).

BIBLIO.1With an area of 440 m2, the library contains about 18,000 volumes, of which nearly 2000 are visual, and more than 5,000 are children’s books.

Viana Public Library is part of the Public Library Network of Navarra and provides access to most of the funds of most libraries, whose catalog is available online:


The public opening hours are Monday to Friday from 15’00 to 21’00 hours (mid-September to mid-June), while in summer it serves the mornings, Monday to Friday, from 8’30 to 14’30 hours.

This is address of the library, where anyone can go to see the funds, read the newspaper, suggest books, etc.:

c/ Navarro Villoslada, 26

31230 Viana (Navarra)

VIANA COLORMap: Municipality of Viana. The library building is number 12.

Additionally, you can make queries, reserve books, renew loans, etc., In public service hours, phone

948645249, or email


Finally, the library has a Facebook profile where messages are received, the suggestions are heard, accepted the criticism, etc. Come on, who does not contact the library is not willing!




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